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藤島 つとむ


大阪総合デザイン専門学院卒業。広告デザイン会社に勤務後イラストレーターとして独立。水彩、色鉛筆、アクリル絵の具、切り絵などの手書きの持つ温かみにデジタルを織り交ぜた独自のスタイルを作った。「イタリアボローニャ国際絵本原画展2014・2016」「UAEシャルジャ国際絵本イラスト展2017」などの入選「イタリア A'DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION」の入賞経験があり、広告、書籍、雑誌、ノベルティなど多彩な分野で活動を続けている。【member of UNform】

Tsutomu Fujishima

Born in Kagawa Prefecture. Currently active in Saitama Prefecture.

After graduating from Osaka Institute of Design in 1986, worked for an advertising design company in Tokyo. Independent as an illustrator in 1995, based on the idea of '' drawing a world that can only be expressed by painting '', creating a unique style that combines digital warmth with the warmth of handwriting such as watercolors, colored pencils, acrylic paints, and cutouts Was. He has won a prize for "Italy  A'DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION", including "Italy Bologna International Picture Book Original Painting Exhibition 2014/2016" and "UAE Sharjah International Picture Book Illustration Exhibition 2017". 




Watercolor, Colored Pencils, Acrylic, Cutting Pictures, Photoshop



Magazine publication information

「illustration FILE 2018」作品掲載




「WINGSPAIN」2018.8(日本) インタビュー掲載


"Illustration FILE 2018"
"Illustrators' communication 16"
"Japan creators 2015"
"Magnetca" (Portugal)


Interview of 'WINGSPAIN' from here



 2012.11.12-18 at.下北駅前ギャラリー

★2014 ボローニャ国際絵本原画展 関連グループ展

 2014.6.27-7.8 at.ブックギャラリーポポタム

★2014 イタリアボローニャ国際絵本原画展 

2014.7.5-8.17 at.板橋区立美術館

★藤島つとむ 個展「5C+1C」

2015.5.7-5.29 at.マルプギャラリー

★2016 イタリアボローニャ国際絵本原画展




★「旅 トリテン会」

2016.12.1-12.6 at.にじ画廊


★ Tsutomu Fujishima Solo Exhibition
2012.11.12-18 at. Shimokita Ekimae Gallery
★ 2014 Bologna International Picture Book Original Painting Exhibition Group Exhibition
2014.6.27 - 7.8 at. Book Gallery Popopam
★ 2014 Italian Bologna International Picture Book Original Painting Exhibition
2014.7.5 - 8.17 at. Itabashi City Art Museum
★ Tsutomu Fujishima Solo Exhibition "5 C + 1 C"
2015.5.7 - 5.29 at. Malp Gallery
★ 2016 Italian Bologna International Picture Book Original Painting Exhibition
At. Itabashi-ku Art Museum
★ "2017 Earth is a Friend Charity Calendar Exhibition + Environmental Poster Exhibition"
★ "Trip Tennis Association"
2016.12.1-12.6 at Niji Gallery




























Work calendar

★ MK Seiko [Company Profile Video] Illustration

★Takenaka Corporation【CSR】 Cover Illustration

★ Yotsuya Otsuka【Magazine】 Feature page Illustration
★ Benesse Coperation Magazine [Newsletter] Illustration
★ Orange Page Co., Ltd. [Magazine] Illustration
★ Japan Kinen Futoshi Shrine Company [Magazine] Featured Page Illustration
★ FANCL Health Institute [Magazine] Cut Illustration
★ Public Conference Co., Ltd. [Magazine] Cut Illustration
★ Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. 【CR】 Cover Illustration
★ Saitama-shi [Newsletter] Cover Illustration
★ Oriental Bio Co., Ltd. [Newsletter] Cover Illustration
★ Tokyo Regulatory Publishing Co., Ltd. 【Book】 Cover Illustration
★ All Japan Coffee Association 【Public Relations Magazine】 Illustration
★ Japan Dairy Fund Association [Public Relations Magazine] Cover Illustration
★ Shin Nihilo-sama 【Magazine】 Featured Page Illustration
★ TOKYU REAL ESTATE CO., LTD [Brochure] Cut Illustration
★ Recruit Co., Ltd. 【Magazine】 Advertisement Illustration
★ Pharcos Corporation 【Company Information】 Illustration
★ Shochiku Co., Ltd. 【Brochure】 Cut Illustration
★ Takarajimasha-sama 【Book】 Bonded painting · Illustration

★ Asuka Publishing company 【Book】 Illustration
★ Ochanomizu Shobo-sama 【Book】 Bonded drawings · illustrations

★ Technical review company like 【book】 illustration
★ Hidekazu system 【Greeting Card】
★ Sanrio Co., Ltd. 【Greeting Card】
★ Miyazaki Pharmaceutical 【Greeting Card】

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